Mack Weldon Shipping: A Full Guide For Customers

Mack Weldon, a modern menswear brand, is known for its undergarments and basics (underwear, shirts, short, and so on). However, when it comes to making a purchase, potential customers often have questions about the shipping process. This article aims to address the most common queries related to how Mack Weldon ships their products to customers in the United States.

Does Mack Weldon offer free shipping?

Generally no, free shipping is not available except for Loyalty Members. If you make multiple purchases from the site and become a Silver ($500 spend) or Black ($1000 spend) level member then you will qualify for free shipping.

Does Mack Weldon ship using USPS, Fedex, or UPS?

The specific shipping carriers that Mack Weldon uses are not explicitly mentioned on the main page of their website. It’s common for companies to use multiple carriers based on the destination, package size, and other factors.

Based on our shipments on our test purchase from Mack Weldon, the company uses USPS shipping using a lightweight plastic bag packaging.

How long does Mack Weldon shipping typically take?

The exact shipping duration will vary based on the shipping method chosen, the destination, and other factors, like the season.

Based on our test shipment, which was a small (under $50) order placed to their website, shipping took about 4 business days.

Does Mack Weldon deliver on the weekends?

Yes, Mack Weldon should deliver on Saturdays as they typically ship with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Does Mack Weldon ship to APO and FPO locations?

Yes, you can select an APO/FPO address during checkout.


Mack Weldon offers a range of high-quality menswear products, and understanding their shipping policies is crucial for a seamless shopping experience. While the website provides some insights, customers might need to delve deeper or contact the company directly for specific shipping-related queries. As always, it’s recommended to review all shipping and return policies before making a purchase to ensure satisfaction.

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