How To Call In Sick At UPS

Are you a UPS worker who has to take a day off due to illness? Who number do you call to call out? Who do you have to speak to?

Taking a sick day at UPS can be a somewhat confusing process, particularly for new employees who might not have had to have an unscheduled a day off before. But people do get sick at the last minute and emergencies do arise, so what to you do if you are taken ill before heading to work?

Don’t “No Show”

The key thing you don’t want to do if to simply not show up. If you are scheduled to work, then people are counting on you to do the job and simply not showing up is not acceptable. You will have to get word to a coworker, preferably your supervisor or shift manager, and tell them you won’t be coming in. How you alert UPS might vary, but it’s go to happen!

Automated Voice Number

Typically upon joining UPS you will be given a number to call where you can officially register your day out, regardless of the time or having to actually speak to someone. This number would be in your initial paperwork so make sure to write it down after finding it. The number will vary based on your location and even your position, so it’s not something you can probably find online unfortunately.

Call Or Text Your “Sup”

The easiest course of action for most people will be to phone or text message their direct supervisor. This is the person who will best know what do to with their absence and will be able to mark them as absent from work as well as schedule someone in their place in order to make sure the work gets done.

If you don’t know your supervisor’s direct number at work or their office number then you will have to find alternative solutions.

Call Your Hub

Your shipping center can be the next call. While you might get your call bounced around from person to person for a few minutes, you should be able to find someone in the shift management or HR departments who can help you setup your sick day.

Ultimately you are probably going to need to speak to your console or the radio room and they can do what needs to be done in order to call you in sick.


If you are desperate and need guidance you can call UPS’ HR service 855-877-4772, just be aware that soon that number will change to 800-UPSMYHR (800-877-6947) and you can speak to someone here who will help you call in sick for the day. They will also be able to help establish the best way for you to call in sick in the future.

And with that you should be all set and your sick day safely established. Please note that calling in sick during peak season, particularly for seasonal (non-full-time) workers isn’t expressly forbidden but some people day it can affect your working record at UPS and future opportunities at the company.

Feel better!

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