Who Does Walmart Ship With?

If you are buying something from Walmart.com, who will bring the package to your home or office?

Over the past few years Walmart has become a formidable force in online shopping. Between Home Depot, Walmart, and Amazon you can have almost all your bases covered, plus can do some really great comparison shopping, saving considerable dollars compared to just assuming Amazon has the best price.

But who does Amazon use for shipping? Will the package get there in time if you live in an area with out reliable UPS or Fedex coverage?

Who Walmart Ships With

Walmart usually ships with USPS or Fedex. They do have a sophisticated, home-grown shipping system and delivery system, like Amazon does, with its own trucks, but these are less common in most areas than other carriers.

If you are receiving a smaller item, then it will most likely be brought to you by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

If you buy a larger item then you will likely get your delivery from Fedex. These big things will be items like sofas, futons, fences, and so on.

Walmart Transportation

Freight orders and Walmart-delivered items will be transported by Walmart Transportation. This is a private fleet of delivery trucks that primarily deliver items to Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. The fleet has over 12,000 drivers and drives over 900 million miles per year, according to Walmart’s 2022 data.

Walmart’s fleet will handle delivery to your home as well as Walmart+ InHome, which is the company’s program for bring your purchases directly indoor your home and putting items on your shelves or in your fridge, or simply dropping items in your garage until you are ready to grab them.

Who Ship’s Walmart’s Groceries?

If you are expecting same-day grocery delivery then Walmart will send either a person from Instacart or Spark Driver. Spark Driver is essentially the same as Instacart or Uber Eats, where a person with cell phone and a car can become a driver, delivering items to local buyers to make a living or to make money in their spare time.

Who Does Walmart Use For Next-Day Delivery?

If you order using Walmart’s Next-Day delivery service then you should expect the item to come via Fedex. While USPS is quick, particularly across the US, Fedex is still the go-to delivery services for guaranteed next-day service.

Does Walmart Do International Shipping?

No, Walmart doesn’t to international shipping, the company is only focused on the US domestic audience.

If you live outside of the United States and you’d like to buy from Walmart you can buy a product from a third-party seller who will buy from Walmart on your behalf and ship the item to themselves and then to you, but this will only make sense for items that are hard to find or extremely cheap on Walmart and quite expensive locally.

Who Does Walmart Marketplace Use For Shipping?

If you buy an item from a third-party seller who is using Walmart’s Marketplace then you can receive and item from any major carrier. In this case the package might arrive from USPS, Fedex, or UPS.

The acceptable seller list includes:

  • 4PX
  • China Post
  • CNE
  • Chukou1
  • DHL eCommerce – US
  • Estes
  • FDS Express
  • FedEx
  • FedEx Smartpost
  • GLS
  • HIT Delivery
  • India Post
  • Landmark Global
  • Lasership
  • OnTrac
  • Sendle
  • Sunyou
  • Tforce
  • UDS
  • UPS
  • UPS Mail Innovations
  • USPS
  • Yanwen
  • YunExpress

Marketplace sellers who don’t want to do the fulfillment on their own can use Walmart’s Deliverr program and then let Deliverr handle the shipping through their choice of the above services.

Does Walmart Ship With UPS?

As of 2022 Walmart does not use UPS as a preferred shipper.

The majority of packages will be delivered by Fedex and USPS, but that is not to say that Walmart will never use UPS as some Walmart Marketplace sellers can use United Parcel Service for delivery if that’s the method they deem best for your package and location.

Who Does Walmart Use For Freight Shipping?

If you need to work with Walmart for LTL (less-than-truckload) or freight shipping, the company recommends:

  • AIT Worldwide
  • AM Trucking
  • AxelHire 
  • CEVA  
  • Estes
  • First Mile
  • GLS 
  • LSO 
  • Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery
  • NTW
  • Pilot
  • R + L Carriers
  • SAIA  Seko Worldwide
  • Tforce
  • YRC Freight (Yellow Freight)  

These freight shippers will generally be used for items that are over 150 pounds and over 165 inches of girth.

Walmart’s girth formula is as follows:

  •  Take the length of the two shortest sides of the package and add them together
  • Multiply the result by two
  • Add the length of the longest dimension to this number to get the girth

And that should cover the no-so-simply question of “Who does Walmart ship with?”