Warby Parker’s Shipping Process: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to purchasing eyeglasses online, one of the important concerns for customers is the shipping process. How long will it take? Is it reliable? Warby Parker, a popular (mostly online) eyeglasses brand, has streamlined its shipping process to ensure customers receive their orders promptly and efficiently. Here’s a comprehensive guide to Warby Parker’s shipping in the United States.

Does Warby Parker offer free shipping? Yes, Warby Parker offers fast and free shipping both ways. This means that not only will your order be shipped to you without any additional charges, but returns are also free, making the buying process hassle-free.

Which carriers does Warby Parker use for shipping? While Warby makes no specific claims about its shippers, they typically use a combination of shipping services to ensure timely delivery. This could include USPS, FedEx, UPS, and others. It’s always a good idea to check your shipping confirmation email or contact Warby Parker’s customer service for specifics on your order.

Warby’s shipping tracking tool is Narvar and you can track your shipments using a link that looks like: https://warbyparker.narvar.com/tracking/warbyparker/. This link will be emailed to you after completing your purchase.

How long does Warby Parker shipping typically take? The exact shipping duration can vary based on the product ordered and the destination. However, Warby Parker strives to ensure that orders are delivered as quickly as possible. Once again, checking your shipping confirmation email or reaching out to customer service can provide a more accurate estimate for your specific order.

A typical timeline for most locations in the continental US would be about 7-10 business days, from the order completion to delivery.

Does Warby Parker deliver on the weekends? Yes, though delivery on weekends often depends on the carrier used. For instance, carriers like USPS do offer Saturday deliveries for certain services.

Does Warby Parker offer expedited shipping? No Warby Parker doesn’t explicitly have expedited shipping options. If you’re in a hurry to receive your glasses, it’s recommended to contact Warby Parker directly to inquire about faster shipping methods.

Does Warby Parker ship to APO and FPO locations? Yes, Warby Parker ships to APO and FPO locations. Most companies do ship to military addresses, albeit with potential delays due to the nature of these locations.

Can eyeglasses be returned to a retail location? While Warby Parker does mention returns and exchanges, it does not specify if eyeglasses ordered online can be returned to a retail location. If you live near a Warby Parker retail store, you will need to call the store to inquire about their return policy.

Can eyeglasses be picked up at a retail location? No, not typically. If this is a service you’re interested in, contacting a nearby store or Warby Parker’s customer service would be the best approach.

In Conclusion… 

Warby Parker offers a seamless and customer-friendly shipping process, ensuring that your eyeglasses reach you in perfect condition. While the website provides a wealth of information, for specific queries related to shipping or any other aspect of your order, Warby Parker’s customer service is always there to assist.